Symbolic of the polarity which defines the third dimensional reality, each number carries a high and low vibrational pattern. For example, the number ‘5’ has these energetic properties on either side of its energy spectrum:

Higher Vibration:

  • Progressive thinking, change, transformation, resourceful, freedom, versatility, promotion

Lower Vibration:

  • Hasty, impulsive, lustful, unstable

Thoth, in sharing his wisdom at the Becoming Your Joyous Expression of Your Soul Workshop, highlighted that the lower vibrational qualities of each number provides us with the opportunity for expansion and refinement into our higher aspects. This is the common function and purpose of all manifestations and expressions of polarised energies.

Besides teaching the principles of numerology, a large part of the workshop involved channeling of past life information for the individual participants to offer a greater appreciation of their birth data as keys to unlocking their soul potential. for confidentiality reason, these sessions were not / will not be recorded.

This workshop will be repeated in Hong Kong on 24 May 2013, Vesak Full Moon. A few seats are available for registration. 

Book Recommedation


“Numerology – The Power of Numbers” by Ruth A. Drayer

This excellent book mysteriously landed in my house in 2006 when I began learning the science of number energies, under the tutorship of Thoth and my higher self.  To me, it is a user-friendly and reliable reference for beginner-learners.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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