If you have come into contact with new or even strange and unusual energies in your meditation or energy work recently, Archangel Uriel attribute these experiences partially to the triple-eclipse season we are currently in :

  • 25 April Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 10 May Annular Solar Eclipse
  • 25 May Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Energetically, eclipses create opportunities for soul transformation and healing by triggering the revelation of memory imprints found in our subconscious mind and our lower bodies (namely physical, double etheric, emotional and lower mental). Their catalytic effect is brought about through the opening of planetary and higher portals, which are mirrored in our body as the chakra points, during these special times.

The galaxy we are part of is an open system energy, so are we individually. When portals in our galaxy, on Earth and in ourselves are activated, energies are exchanged as consciousness crossed over these energy planes. To channel the prevailing potent vibrations for our personal karmic healing and if so guided, also for the upliftment of humananity,  Archangel Uriel reminded us that it is crucial to set strong and clear intent that we do not interfere with the unravelling of karma accruing to other civilisations of the galaxy nor will we allow ourselves be used as unwilling conduits for denser energies that have entered our planetary consciousness during this time. An effective way to ensure we abide by the universal law of Karma and Free Will is to center our awareness on the flame of Higher Truth remembered in our heart.

Working With The Archangels


(Above: illustration from Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Cards)

Archangel Uriel is one of the 7 Archangels who will be speaking through me at the Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshops. As the mentor for all Earth Angels of the Adam Kadmon race, Uriel will be working on calibrating our sacral chakras (symbolising the celestial womb) with his energy signature to restore and reinforce our feeling of ‘being safe’ dwelling in relatively denser world, compared to higher evolutionary order of Light the Earth Angels have originated. Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Haniel and Zadkiel will also be sharing their wisdom and energy gifts.

Go to HK Workshop 25 -26 May and New York City Workshop 22 – 23 June for program and registration details.

Keys of Enoch ® – excerpt from Key 204

Para 34. During the present space-time overlap, there will be the passing of one energy universe within another as our plantary mind crosses the present electromagnetic density threshold and is raised to the next electromagnetic orbit of the Universal Mind. At this point, we as sons of Man become the Sons of Light and transplant our consciousness Light into other regions of our local universe.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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