My guides recently spoke about the new children coming to Earth to be role models and the perfect expression of 5D qualities of unconditional love, peace and unity. They are essentially love avatars in young bodies. For some of these highly evolved children (more so if they have not had many earth incarnations previously), adjusting to Earth’s vibratory frequency can be physically challenging since our New Earth Tara has yet to stabilise her newly unfolded 5D frequency on her physical body.

As one of the spiritual hosts for a recent Master Teaching Class, Thoth delivered an insightful teaching on the special energetic makeup of these new galactic children, particularly highlighting the critical need to protect their neck area. To listen to Thoth’s message (6 min), click:

His teaching is a gift to the star children (and their caregivers) who have arrived on New Earth to be our messenger of love and compassion. Please distribute it as you feel guided.


1. The recording of the entire event mentioned above New Moon/Solar Eclipse Master Teaching Class : Creating The New Galactic Human is available for order.  Go to May 11 Post for recording contents and order details.

2. As the King Priest of Atlantis who wrote the Emerald Tablets, Thoth will overshadow the Solstice communion in New York City on 21st June 2013 – The Return of the Dove Meditation Workshop hosted by Ascended Masters St. Germain and his twin flame Lady Portia. Go to Solstice Meditation Workshop for details.

Namaste. Amara Tia Ann.

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