I heard this amusing story from my yoga teacher.

As a man was passing by a cliff overlooking the deep ocean, he couldn’t help himself from looking down and worrying if he might accidentally fall over.  Just then a tiger appeared from behind and starred hungrily at the man. Expectedly the tiger started to move closer while fixing his eyes on his prey. In his panic, the man lost his balance and fell over the cliff. Fortunately he caught hold of a hanging vine in time to stop his fall. Frustrated, the tiger used all his might to try to grab the vine to no avail.

The man’s sense of relief lasted only momentarily though. From the cracks in the cliff, scuttled two mice which began to chew on the vine. Feeling totally despaired, the man caught sight of a plump berry hanging on a nearby branch growing out of the cliff. He stretched out one of his hands, plucked the berry and began savoring it with a broad smile on his face. 

What is this parable about?

The cliff represents the future which is often thought of with much apprehension, anxiety or even distress. The tiger is symbolic of our past which is filled with haunting regrets. The vine stands for time being ‘chewed away’ every minute and every second in our life. What we can truly cherish is the life-giving berry – the NOW.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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