(Source of picture: Doreen Virtue Goddess Oracle Cards)

As we get ready to move into the second half of 2013, my guides reiterated the need to hold in perfect harmony and balance the different aspects of ourselves and the Earth, with special emphasis on anchoring and grounding our 5th dimensional beingness onto our 3rd dimensional physical presence to facilitate a seamless transition for All. As Within, So Without. If we individually achieve a steady and stabilised growth into a higher consciousness, the very same result will be out-pictured to humanity and Earth in an accelerated manner. This has also been the fundamental principle underlying my work ‘Making of the New Adam Kadmon‘ for the first half of the year.

To help uphold and manifest our joint intent of co-creating a harmonious transition through our collective actions, I have been guided to put together a new workshop ‘The Goddess Dance’ for launch in August 2013.

Philosophy Behind ‘The Goddess Dance’

The vibratory themes of 2013 include nurturing oneself through self-love and be an instrument for Spirit in joyous service to humanity and All That Is. Read full message from Lord Maitreya at Post of 1 Jan 2013.  From experience, the Goddess Presence is extremely ideal for awakening and transmitting the frequencies of self-love, fun play and service – these qualities coming together as one beautifully integrated spark of light!

Program Outline

Utilising the number ‘4‘ with energetic properties of stabilising, steadying, groundedness and also referring to Earth in her physical manifestation, this refreshingly new program includes teachings and energy gifts from the Goddesses for:

(a) Strengthening the 4 elements of our physical body – Air, Water, Fire and Earth – for better health and a deeper bond with Mother Earth

(b) Honouring Time and Space of the world of materiality through :

    • 4 different traditions and cultures remembered by mankind through Time, namely: Egyptian (represented by Goddess Ma’at, Sekhmet), Chinese (Kuan Yin and Green Tara), Western (Mary Magdalene and Artemis) and Indian (Kali and Lakshmi)
    • 4 directions of Earth which help us define Space : North, South, East and West

(c) Cultivating the virtues and actualising the attributes of the divine feminine through the Goddesses named above: Inner strength, wisdom, kindness, gentleness, courage, determination, tolerance, justice and sexuality.

The exact program will be channeled over the next few weeks. I am sharing the broad outline now, for you to also join in this joy, excitement and hope that the Goddesses are radiating through me.

Workshop Locations and Schedule

The 2-Day (weekend) workshop will be available at:

  • UK, possibly London – August 10 and 11 (dates tentative)
  • Singapore – September 21 and 22 (Equinox)
  • Hong Kong – November 2 and 3 (New Moon)

REGISTRATION: Full information, including workshop fees, venue and registration details, will be released through our email newsletter by late June.

May we serve with Joy by being the harmony and balance we can be!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.