Cosmic Master Thoth, also the  King Priest of Atlantis known as Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites, revealed that the coming Solstice is particularly significant for re-activating our collective memory of Golden Atlantis as the era of Oneness in Form. For those of us who had been spiritual leaders or held important spiritual roles (such as priests, priestesses, healers, shamans) in our Atlantean incarnations, over the next few days leading up to Solstice, you might begin to feel a profound calling to reconnect with these elements or experiences symbolic of the peace,  serenity and magic of Golden Atlantis: crystals, seas, temples, sunrise and singing.

To optimise the energetic momentum that is now building up as we approach Solstice, Thoth recommended we meditate on reactivating the 12-strand DNA coded in our cellular memory, such as by re-listening to the activation sound codes gifted in January. Go to Transmission for Recoding DNA Template to read the original message and access the energy transmission.

Connect with Us in New York City on Solstice Day

Thoth will speak more about ‘Atlantis Rising’ at the Solstice Meditation – The Return of The Dove at New York City. You are most welcome to join in this communion with Ascended Masters St. Gemain, Lady Portia and Thoth. Full program and registration details available at Solstice Meditation.

You can also set the intent to connect with the gathering energetically by asking to join the The Return of the Dove Merkabah which the Masters will create as an etheric temple for this special occasion (imagine it as a light ship hovering above  the venue).  Event starts at 7:00pm on 21st June 2013, NY Time.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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