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I have been visited by a group of golden cosmic angels recently. These highly evolved angelic beings come from a place beyond our local Universe and are here to dispense their golden rays and aura through conduits like myself and many others.

They shared that for the purpose of soul evolution within the Milky Way Galaxy, gold represents the twelve ray, the ideal vibratory pattern for anchoring Christ Consciousness in the current Aquarian Age. Increasingly, children incarnating on Earth are of the twelve and higher rays. By channeling the golden light of these cosmic angels and other enlightened beings such as Lord Buddha, we are facilitating a ‘safe landing’ for these galactic children by reducing the discrepancy between their natural vibrations and the third dimensional environment they are descending into.

Most of these new galactic children are reincarnating without negative karma of their own.  While they are likely to display special gifts and talents at a young age, on the other hand, they may be lacking in human affinity due to their relative infrequent visits to Earth. The cosmic angels taught that one way to enhance these children’s sense of belonging, security and empathy for Earth and humanity, especially in their formative years, is to surround and infuse them with the emerald green or pink vibrations resonating with the human heart chakra – the energy bridge between humans.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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