These three Egyptian Goddesses connected with me yesterday with an invitation for us to cultivate a deeper connection with them, so we may exude more of their divine qualities as well as to channel their frequencies for triggering a similar expansion in others.

Coming together as a trinity, these deities through their vibratory essences, represent the threefold flame of Wisdom, Love and Power imprinted in each one of us as an individuated spark of Light.

Isis Principle of legitimacy, sovereignty, royalty, spiritual science and magic, healing  [Wisdom]

Hator – Receptivity, nurturing, fertility, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality [Love]

Sekhmet – Strength, resilience, independence, physical healing, death and transformation [Power]

If you wish, use the following photos of the Goddesses’ temples as the bridge or imaginary portals. Simply visualise or feel yourself meditating at these power places under the protection of your true higher self. Photos taken during a sacred tour I participated in in November 2008.

(A) Isis  – Temple of Philae, Aswan 


(B) Hator – Dendera Temple 


(C) Sekhmet – Chapel of Sekhmet, Karnak Temple


Also read Master Teaching Class: Flame of Shamballa for more information on the Threehold Flame.

Many Goddess Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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