This post is inspired by a distant healing I performed recently for a 14 year-old teenager living in New Zealand.  James, whom I believe to be a star seed, has been suffering from frequent headaches since he was young – a common ascension symptom for star children (and adults) gifted with an exceptionally developed third eye chakra, enabling them to function as powerful conduits of Galactic transmissions.

Possibly triggered by last week’s Solstice and Supermoon transmissions co-ordinated by the Galactic Center, James’s severe headache recurred on this Monday. A healing technique channeled is for James to visualise his third eye chakra encased in a downward-pointing red triangle or prism which spins anti-clockwise.  See diagram below. The rationale :

1. The human mind associates the simple geometry of a triangle or prism to be a concentrator, processor and transmitter of information.

2. A red triangle or prism with its apex pointing downwards (away from the sky) naturally directs the Galactic transmissions down the body and towards the Earth for effective grounding, thus reduces the energy overload within and surrounding the third eye which usually brings about prolonged and severe headaches

3. An anti-clockwise movement of the triangular shield (or the third eye itself) slows down the Galactic energy downloads, in order to provide the pineal gland in the brain ample time to process and disseminate these higher vibrations to the entire nervous system. Improving energy throughput (input and output) of the pineal gland reduces the frequency and intensity of such ‘ascension’ headaches.

Third Eye Rotation

This rebalancing method is best practised a couple of days before, during and after the full moon and planetary portal activation days, such as the Equinox and Solstice seasons.  I’ll be glad to receive your feedback for results enhancement or validation. Thank you for your sharing!

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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