I was feeling a little tired and irritable when Mother Earth kindly invited me to her womb to have a rest. I saw myself curled up like a foetus, nestled in her warm body as I listened to her soothing rhythmic heartbeat.

Soon, I heard myself asking Tara, “Why do you feel so serene, calm and still to me all the time?”

Tara responded gently, “That’s because each time you use your heart and your breath to feel me, you are experiencing the presence of the Cosmic Mother flowing through me. Her essence is Be, interpreted by your emotional body as peace, serenity and inner joy. I am her conduit, the same way you are the channel of my multi-dimensional self. Each time you redirect our breath to the larger body of light you are part of, you can only experience its higher qualities.”

Thank you, Tara for your great wisdom.


The photo below was taken at the Nuit Chapel of the Dendera Temple of Egypt. I immediately felt connected with the heart of the Divine Mother when I stood under this zodiac disk which is placed on the ceiling of the chapel.  Subsequently my guides revealed that specific spot in the chapel (where the disk is) is aligned to the queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramid which is in turn mapped to the Sirius Star System, the energy portal to our Milky Way Galaxy.

Dendera Zodiac Disk

Besides curling up with Tara, you may also connect with the Cosmic Mother by meditating with the Dendera zodiac disk. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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