I was in the middle of organising and editing the audio tracks of “Workshop: Making of the New Adam Kadmon” when Thoth cleverly nudged me to listen to a particular segment recorded in Auckland on 21 March 2013. It turned out to be his teaching (which I have forgotten all about) on how we can embrace Mercury retrogrades for heightening the mental body and the relevance of the Air-sign horoscopes in propelling paradigm shifts in the Age of Aquarius. Insights on the general characteristic of the Adam Kadmon Earth Angels and the process of thought manifestation are also included in the same recording.

Of course, there is no better time to share Thoth’s teachings than now. The current Mercury retrograde which began on June 26, is expected to end on July 20. To listen to MP3 recording (14min), click: Thoth Speaks on Changing Mental Patterns.

A complete set of the workshop recordings, containing all major teachings and energy activations, will be available by the end of this month. Look out for our blog announcement.

Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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