As I was meditating with Mother Earth this afternoon, she taught that..

In today’s technological world where we are constantly being bombarded with electronic and electrical vibes, our energetic body is fast losing the magnetic connection with herself. Without a strong magnetic pull from Earth, our body will not be sufficiently supported by Earth’s kundalini – an enriching, invigorating and revitalising life force which sustains the physical body and keeps all its elements in balance. Symptoms arising from an overly electrical human energy field include low blood pressure, breathlessness, lethargy, prolonged fatigue and in the longer term, anemia.

If you are in contact with electrical and electronic devices or are exposed to Wifi zones frequently, Mother Earth advises that you earth our body daily, in order to discharge the excessive negative charges being absorbed by or surrounding your body cells. Walking barefoot in nature will be an ideal way of re-balancing your electro-magnetic field. If that is not feasible, especially for those of us who living in cities, you can consider applying the healing technique gifted by Goddess Isis. Read post 6 Feb 2013 – Magnetising Earth’s Kundalini Through the ‘Silver Induction Plate’ for the practice.

If you were to spend a few moments a day to consciously connect with Earth with gratitude and appreciation, I believe you will soon experience a deep renewal and replenishment of the ‘chi’ (life force) flowing through your body.


More teachings on balancing the four elements of the physical body for greater health to be delivered in The Goddess Dance Workshop. Details available at:

 Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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