The Goddess Dance Workshops

September to December 2013

Singapore. Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong. Sydney


The first ‘instruction’ I received from the Divine Mother as she begins to prepare me energetically to facilitate this series of workshops is to practise Patience.

I asked her why do I have to start with Patience. She whispered, “Because it makes you pay attention to what your body is manifesting through your thoughts, so you may appreciate the perfect dance between the seen and unseen”.


8 Goddesses from the Hindu, Chinese, Western and Egyptian traditions – representing the elements, time and space birthed by Mother Earth  – will speak on the subtle powers of the feminine qualities at the workshops. For program and schedules by countries, go to: Goddess Dance.

Kuala Lumpur Workshop and Free Introductory Talk, October 2013

This workshop will be presented in KL on 19 and 20 October. There will also be an introductory talk on 18 October at 7pm at A New Earth Holistic & Metaphysical Center. Email Sheli at or call +60122024770 to register.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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