A couple of days ago, I heard this line from the movie “Before Sunrise” and it really got me thinking.

“What if God is not inside me or you but is in the space between us?”

That’s right… what if, from a healing perspective, we focus on bringing in Light of a higher order into the space held by two or more people, rather than merely channeling healing vibrations into the individuals themselves? What difference will that make to the healing results?

My guides delivered their response this morning during my yoga practice.

The space between individuals represents the energy ties created between themselves which is a very subtle process. Over time, the space shared by say, two people then manifests into a tangible relationship, the quality of which depends on the vibrations infused by both parties along the way, either consciously or otherwise. In the case of what is experienced as a dysfunctional or unfulfilling relationship, the healer or therapist can also energise the space between the two etheric bodies of light (represented by the existing relationship) with the vibration of Universal Love, in addition to releasing the specific energy blockage within the individuals’ etheric body which has contributed to the disharmonious relationship. The guides further explained that by doing so, the healee will be better supported to change his perception of his outside world which is defined largely by his relationships. In other words, altering the quality of the etheric space outside a healee greatly enhances the energy shift occuring within him.

Let us not forget the omnipresence of the Great Spirit that we are, including the spaces between us.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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