For several months now, I have come across many Lightworkers ‘complaining’ about the ascension symptoms they have been experiencing, such as

– constant exhaustion and fatigue;

– stiffness, tightness and aches at the back of neck, along shoulders and upper back;

– bloatedness of the abdomen; and

– water retention of the lower body.

For some others, their adjustments to New Earth’s faster pulsating rhythm are more emotional and psychological in nature, including experiencing

–  anxiety attacks;

– unexplainable anger against oneself;

– loss of interest in everyday matters; or

– depression in more severe cases.

It seems possible for these symptoms to persist or recur after performing self-healing and in a few cases I know of, they are amplified and prolonged each time the body undergoes intensive energy work, such as DNA recoding or reconfiguration of the light body.

As these reported phenomenon appear to contradict my logical understanding that a more expanded and purer light body would bring about greater vitality to the body and  a more tranquil mind,  I decided to seek the advice of one of my dearest healing guides, Isis.

Isis explained that, other than the possible effects from solar flares, persistent or worsened physical and mental conditions as described above are essentially caused by:

1. The subconscious mind, with its self-liming thought patterns, is fighting against the growth potential brought about by the higher frequency light body. The subconscious thoughts are also the karmic imprints of our body cells. Subtle and almost unnoticeable, they are the vibrational frequencies that run auto-pilot in our neurological system and are powerful enough to over-ride our conscious intents and decisions. Many of our non-loving subconscious thoughts were created in our past lives and became encoded in our soul memory. Our souls then decided to bring these memories to our current life for healing, reconciliation and restoration to the love frequency.

More explanations from Isis available at ‘Purifying the Soul from Outside In’, post of 30 January 2013. 

2. As the human energy field begins to operate more as a 5th dimensional consciousness, the quality of Oneness is expressed and experienced through the activation of the higher faculties in our brain. Not only do we become superbly intuitive and communicative with our higher self, we also naturally recall the skill of group telepathy which is basically the ability to tap into the collective mind (a natural progression of the human race into the galactic age). The more expanded a light body, the more it becomes a cleansing agent of the generic fears imprinted in the collective unconscious – a process which often happens without the awareness of the Lightworker concerned, causing him to mistake the challenging ascension symptoms as originating from his personal fears.

This is not to say growing into our higher body of light is therefore a disastrous process. In fact, if we can learn to communicate, command and align our subconscious with the will and intention of our higher mind, not only can our individual body let go of the difficult ‘growing-up pains’ permanently, we will also serve as a powerful conduit in assist humanity to achieve an accelerated and painfree ascension by infiltrating the collective mind with uplifting loving thoughts, rather than being adversely affected by it.

Suggested Healing Techniques

1. If you are used to practising silent meditations, you can possibly single out and hear your own subconscious mind when in a deep meditative state. Have a conversation with it if you suspect any of the recurring bodily or emotional distress you are experiencing has stemmed from your subconscious fears. Ask what needs to be done in order for your subconscious mind to feel safe, supported and align its purpose with your divine self.

2. Based on my experience, hypnosis and regression therapies can be also effective for understanding and transforming our subconscious memories.

3. Understanding and Healing Emotional Pain – gift from Lady Nada (1 Nov 2012)

4. Understanding Yourself Through Your Fears- gift from Lord Maitreya (20 Nov 2012)

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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