Artemis in Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

(Source of Image: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

It took me a few days to connect with this mystical Greek Goddess, since I am neither the outdoor sporty archetypal personality nor a ‘professional’ huntress like her, and of course I do not live in the forest! Nevertheless, with the help of Mother Earth, I finally clicked into Artemis’s aura which embraces the whole of nature, especially the animal spirits.

Interestingly, Goddess Artemis revealed she is the embodiment of Pluto, the planet of power, depth, intensity, soul growth, death and rebirth. When we invite Artemis into our lives, we can expect vast and fast transformation of our physical beingness and expressions. After all, Artemis is the guardian of Earth: the realm of materiality.

At The Goddess Dance workshops, Artemis will be the teacher to provide insights on the significance of the four directions for anchoring consciousness change and how the muscular and skeletal system, like a compass navigating us through space, is the framework supporting the entire human anatomy to explore the world of physicality in a safe and trusted manner.

For now, Artemis has this to say as a prelude to the workshop:

Pay tribute to the East where the morning sun appears, firing up your God power for the day; 

Honor the West just before the Moon disappears, for she has awakened your Goddess magick in the night;

Look to the Northern lights to know you are the undying light of your soul;

Swim in the Southern seas, home of your first body.

Southern Seas here refer to New Zealand, the place where the Lemurian star seeds first descended on Earth in their human form. More information at Rebirthing The Lemurian Race On The Land of Mu . Also read book written by Judy Satori, Sunshine Before The Dawn

Workshop information available at The Goddess Dance.

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Audio Recording of Workshop

I have received enquiries regarding the availability of the audio recordings. As of now, I am not too sure how much of the teachings to be brought forth from the eight Lady Masters will or can be recorded, since it will be my first time channeling most of them intensively and I am not too familiar with the way these Goddesses prefer to work. For example, if they choose to involve the participants actively (workshop has an element of group co-creation), then recording the activities will not be meaningful or feasible. We will announce the sale of the MP3 recordings, if they are available, after the inaugural session in Singapore, Equinox September 21-22.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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