In my morning meditation, I asked for a full moon message to share with our blog readers. I least expected the arrival of Lady Vesta with a message on circles and reunions. Ah yes! Full moon does remind us intuitively of circles and completions, doesn’t it?

Lady Vesta is the twin soul of Helios, the Ascended Master on the Spiritual Hierarchy whose aura encompasses our Solar System. Vesta shared that the state and purpose of our physical reunion with members of our soul family depend on how well our ego (or personality self) has accepted and integrated with the divine spark in us, that is, the vibration which we may have occasionally experienced and described as universal or unconditional love.

If the meeting between two soul mates or twin flames are persistently and consistently filled with conflicts, rather than merely condemning the relationship as ‘we are not meant to be together’ and walk out of it with pain, regret, resentment or other negative judgement, Vesta encouraged us to contemplate and focus on expanding its hidden gift : our partner is mirroring our unhealed ego, our reluctance and fear of loving ourselves unconditionally. Our soul family members are assisting us, as much as we are offering them the same support, in completing our own circle (also evolutionary cycle) of becoming One with Spirit.

As we grow into self love steadily, we then begin to attract harmonious and blissful relationships to ourselves. Such reunions could sometimes be with the same soul mates or twin flames whom we had ‘battled with’ previously (as we heal ourselves, we trigger the same transformation in our loved ones if they choose to grow positively too) or with other members of our soul group. The wholesomeness each party brings to the reunion can be thought of as two complete circles merging together to radiate, enhance, amplify and celebrate the joy of realizing Oneness in the plane of physicality.

Thank you, Lady Vesta for the beautiful teaching.

May this full moon shine the way for All towards reunion with self love.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

PS. Exact full moon expected on 21 August 2013, GMT 1:45.

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