Compared to her sisters Isis, Sekhmet and Bast, Goddess Maat has a much gentler and almost non-noticeable presence. As her vibration is felt as very subtle and light – like the feather often used to symbolise her qualities – my experience is that one needs to be rather still at heart to connect with her properly.

Ancient Egyptians worshiped Maat as the Goddess of justice, truth, diplomacy and balance. If you feel a special connection with the zodiac sign Libra or the planet Venus, you will possibly feel very comfortable and familiar being overshadowed by Maat.

In my brief interview with Maat, I asked about the relationship between her role as the keeper of cosmic justice and the topic she will be covering at The Goddess Dance workshop: protecting and strengthening our respiratory system through the elements.

“To uphold cosmic truth and justice is to maintain the perfect balance between the Creator and His Creations; the Unmanifested and the Manifested; the Unknown and the Known. This exact same balance is mirrored through the equalizing of your in- and out-breaths. As you are balanced in your breathing, so will your body (the Manifested) and your Light (the Unmanifested). I am Maat.”

Thank you, Goddess Maat for reminding us the beauty of consciously connecting with our breaths for better health. 

The other patronesses of The Goddess Dance workshops will be introducing themselves over the next three weekends. Watch this space!

* WORKSHOP SCHEDULES and PROGRAM available at The Goddess Dance.

* EQUINOX (DAY OF BALANCING) INAUGURATION in Singapore, 21 and 22 September 2013 Equinox.


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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