My guides have very intriguing ways of triggering the remembrance of my higher wisdom, one of which is through the movies I watch. They explained when we are hypnotized by another reality (say, a movie which engages our attention fully), our soul wisdom sometimes emerges from our subconscious mind and is reflected as seemingly new knowledge through that alternative reality. Of course, this process of re-learning occurs only we are ready to remember our higher truths.

The following line spoken by the ‘perfect being’ in the movie 5th Element struck a chord deeply in my heart:

I don’t know love. I am built to protect, not to love.

So, what if she is right that knowing love is not an end in itself?

We have all chosen to be on Earth to serve a mission and not to learn about love per se, since we are made of love. So we naturally instill our love essence in the process of earnestly seeking out and fulfilling our mission. As this happens, the love that we unknowingly share with the external world (the process of becoming our mission) bounces back to us as an overwhelming experience of remembering our essence.

To me, this new realisation came most timely as it matches with this year’s vibrational theme of selfless service ( also read Lord Maitreya’s message.)

May you be shown the way to your highest purpose and thus re-experience the love from within!

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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