In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was the daughter of the Sun God, Ra who created and ruled the Earth. When mankind began to disrespect and betray the aging Ra, he created Sekhmet from the fire of his eyes at high noon and gave her the body of a lioness. Sekhmet, a fierceless goddess of fire, was to serve as Ra’s instrument to destroy and punish mankind; and that she did (read the complete legend at

Those of us who have worked with Goddess Sekhmet are likely to describe her as a powerful physician and healer. Metaphysically she represents the guardian of Sekhem energy, a life force of power and might derived from the Universe to sustain and revitalize the body. As a female archetype, Sekhmet embodies the qualities of independence, decisiveness and loyalty as well as the destructive potential of unreined and wild emotions.

At The Goddess Dance workshops, Sekhmet will speak on the importance of consciously living in the NOW to allow our third eye (Eye of Ra) to breathe in the healing power of the Sun to invigorate the body and rebalance our emotions. An extremely resourceful healer, Sekhmet will also share techniques on engaging the Fire element to destroy old programming of fear and control which can affect the optimal functioning of our excretory organs.

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EQUINOX INAUGURATION in Singapore, 21 and 22 September 2013 Equinox.


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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