At the Becoming The Joyous Expression of Your Soul – Advanced Workshop on Numerology completed on last Sunday, the Cosmic Master Thoth defined linear time as a platform for us to express, experience and master the vibratory patterns making up the third dimensional (3D) world.

If we learn to decode the hidden meaning of time on a personal level and deliberately incorporate these interpretations into our daily lives, we’ll begin to see it as a medium for navigating our learning to be aligned with the characteristics and evolutionary path of Earth and humanity. For example, there is a unique vibratory theme for each one of us on a year, month and day basis, determinable from our date of birth in conjunction with the planetary year. As we ride through these different themes cycle after cycle (year, month and day),  not only do we become more wholesome in our 3D experiences by the end of our earth life, we would have contributed greatly to Earth’s and humanity’s mastery of the same array of vibrations. Thoth further explained as we move through time (or life), we are actually honing our expressions of the spectrum of vibratory patterns which created Earth and the human potential. To remind ourselves of the true value of time, he encouraged us to should think of time as vibrations expressed and learned, rather than as merely numbers and dates.

A large part of the workshop involved discussions on the numerological codes of the individual participants. For confidentiality reasons, the proceedings were not recorded.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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