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The moment I asked to invite this beautiful Hindu Goddess into my presence, a sense of joy and richness immediately welled up in my belly, making me feel that ‘everything I desire to experience in the physical world, is absolutely possible’. I certainly felt much uplifted by the joyous spirit and optimism of Lakshmi even though it was my first contact with her.

Lakshmi is often depicted as an attractive deity of golden complexion, with four hands, either sitting or standing on a fully blossomed lotus and with her upper hands each holding a lotus bud,  representing her qualities of beauty, purity and fertility. Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her lower hands into the ocean of life, symbolizing her ability to help enhance our good fortune to bring about an effortless manifestation of wellness and abundance. Lakshmi is believed to be the active energy and consort of Lord Vishnu.

I was curious to find out her reason for choosing to speak on rebalancing the digestive system when her essence is joy, fulfillment and abundance.

“The digestive system of the human body resonates with and is much affected by the Solar Plexus, the energy center of inner power and strength. When one is able to hold his power in perfect balance with his outside world, equalizing the in- and out-flow of energy through his Solar Plexus, he acquires the ability to tap into the unlimited abundance of the Ocean to meet his desired needs on a spiritual and material level, including maintaining the health of the digestive system.”

Thank you, Goddess Lakshmi, for introducing yourself to us and sharing your insights.

PS. Together with Lord Maitreya, Goddess Lakshmi will be hosting our next Master Teaching Class – Creating True Abundance – on New Moon 3rd October 2013. Go to Program for details.


EQUINOX INAUGURAL WORKSHOP in Singapore, 21 and 22 September 2013 Equinox.


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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