Quite often we hear our spiritual guides and teachers reminding us to let go of old and outdated lower vibrational thinking patterns, emotional and behavioural tendencies which are no longer aligned with our soul purpose.

How about going a step further to train ourselves to let go of all  prior experiences, including what we consider as achievements, accomplishments or other supposedly high vibrational experiences which have boosted our confidence, esteem and sense of fulfillment? I started contemplating this question when I heard my yoga teacher repeating this instruction in every practice session: “Forget everything you have just done, no matter how well you have done the pose or not. Just focus on your breath and feel it rising and falling in your chest.”

When visiting a Buddhist temple last night, I received this insight from Lord Buddha :

To fully expand into the potential of every new moment created by your breath, free the mind completely of all past moments experienced by the ego, the personality self. A non-attached mind sees and consistently becomes Spirit in joyous motion, in unlimited form.

Thank you, Lord Buddha, for sharing your wisdom once again.
May your breath leads you to experience more soulful moments.
Blessed be, Amara Tia Ann.