I asked my spirit guides what would be an ideal gift for sharing on this Equinox of September 22, 2013 GMT 20:44. Their immediate response was the waters of the Niagara Falls on both the American and Canadian side.  

When I was visiting the Falls in July this year, I was told by Spirit that the American Falls represent the masculine aspect of nature whereas the Canadian Falls, also known as the Horseshoe Falls, the feminine counterpart. As we know, water is an excellent conductor and transmitter of energy frequency especially through matter, such as the human body and Mother Earth. So by connecting with these two magnificent falls on Equinox day – honouring equal day and night – we can enhance the rebalancing of our masculine and feminine aspects.

Interestingly enough, the bridge that connects the American side of the falls (New York State, Niagara County) and the Canadian Falls (Ontario) is called the Rainbow Bridge, as if reminding us that the duality we experienced through our masculinity and femininity is bonded through a ‘rainbow of colours’, that is an all embracing and compassionate heart.

rainbow bridge

Watch videos of Amercian Falls and Horseshoe Falls, July 2013 :

Allow some time for the video files to be completely downloaded onto your PC.

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Equinox Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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