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Spending the weekend totally immersed in the loving vibrations of the Goddesses was truly an incredible experience. I would sum up the Equinox inauguration of The Goddess Dance on 21-22 September as colourful, lively, intensive, passionate, insightful and creative. To fully engage our senses, the Goddesses led us through rituals, mantra recitation, songs invoking their presence, healing demonstrations and channeled teachings supplemented with audio visual aids. Tune-in to the group’s fun experiences through these photos – activity on designing an altar in honour of the 4 elements and directions.

Creation from the Air Team :

Air Altar

The Fire Team :

Fire Altar

The Earth Team:

Earth AltarThe Water Team:

Water Altar

Goddess Teachings and Healings

The intent of the workshop is anchoring the 5th dimensional (5D) consciousness onto Earth and ourselves through the parameters defining our 3D existence and engaging the divine feminine force as the catalyst to optimise this work. Quite naturally, the best medium enabling this grounding to take effect properly is the human physical body which is constantly experiencing the 3D’s time, space and elements.

Accordingly, Lady Masters Mary Magdalene, Green Tara, Sekhmet, Kali, Lakshmi, Maat, Artemis and Kuan Yin each transmitted fairly lengthy teachings on the metaphysical meanings and physiological functions of the various parts of the human anatomy and also gifted the necessary healings to restore the natural balance of these organs in terms of their element composition, in order for the body to integrate New Earth’s 5D frequency effectively.

I’ll like to make a special mention of two of the Goddesses whom I channeled for the first time at the workshop. I found Artemis particularly meticulous and focused in performing her healing for the group. She scanned our skeletal system thoroughly from the skull down to the toes and ankles, making sure that every major bone and joint in the body is being cleared of our past memories of fear. The group was certainly both impressed and grateful by her dynamic and magnanimous healing of our bones and muscles which is the supporting framework for the entire body. Representing the Hindu tradition and sharing her insights on the human reproductive system, Goddess Kali presented an interesting lecture on the principles of tantric sex for facilitating the birth of a healthy baby (a foetus well balanced in all 4 elements upon its conception). Contrary to how she is generally described as a ferocious or even vicious deity of death and change, I actually experienced Kali’s presence as powerful yet sensual.

Mary Magdalene On Heart Over Mind

Lady Master Mary Magdalene opened the session with the topic living the 5D consciousness as heart over mind. Listen to extract of her teaching (4 min): 

MP3 Recording of Workshops

Given the interactive nature of the workshop, we found that it is not feasible to record all segments. However, as far as possible, important teachings on the human anatomy and the accompanying energy healings and activations will be recorded and consolidated at the end of all 4 workshops held in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sydney. We will try to make this audio product available by the end of December.

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Next workshop coming up in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on Full Moon Oct 19-20. Details available at KL Workshop.

For complete schedule, go to All. 

Knowing The Goddesses Through Their Messages


Andy and I are most grateful for the spontaneous, enriching and lively contributions from the Singapore participants. We believe it was the group’s synergy and enthusiasm which permitted the Goddesses to reciprocate with as much love and dynamism.  Thank you !

Goddess Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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