Since resuming the private consultations in September, directed by my guides, I have performed psychic surgery on a few clients to rebalance their past life memories of fear of becoming a powerful healer, shaman, mage, oracle or any such roles involving being (consciously) a pure conduit of light. Typically these memories of their soul were locked in areas in their body which have caused chronic and prolonged pain in their present life. Based on the feedback received, these releases seemed to have worked relatively well for these friends as their discomforts have either subsided greatly or vanished by now.

This is the time on Earth when more agents of light need to be awakened to their spiritual gifts to serve as effective bridges and anchors of the new light dawning on New Earth. So I approached cosmic master Thoth – keeper of the akashic records and a reputedly powerful healer and alchemist – for a general remedy which can be used by anyone who feels his or her healing potential blocked due to some karmic reasons.

Click MP3 track below (2 minutes) for the vibrational sounds transmitted by Thoth for : (a) transmuting karmic memories preventing us from developing our healing gifts; (b) replacing these memories in our akashic or past life records with the refined and pure vibrations of our soul essence; (c) thus, bringing about a physical release of the old symptoms.

Even though this healing track is not designed to address any specific area of bodily pain and discomfort, I feel it is sufficiently powerful to offer a preliminary release of any symptom caused by a voluntary suppression of one’s healing power, in the past. I am told that with repeat listening, our body’s neurological intelligence will customise the healing vibrations from Thoth towards its own specific needs.

May health be restored in your body. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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