Even though I have channeled Lord Maitreya on a number of occasions, personally I would consider the teachings he transmitted at yesterday evening’s Master Teaching Class one of the best, especially in demonstrating the wisdom of ‘Profundity is in simplicity’. 

The session started with an invocation and healing meditation to prepare the participants to connect energetically with the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy. You may use this guided meditation as your regular healing practice, whether in a group setting or during your personal meditations. Click track below to listen (9min).

Through the several questions he raised for our contemplation, Lord Maitreya expounded on the concept of abundance and taught techniques to enable us to flow easily into the experiences of abundance we desire. The event ended with an energy gift from the Office of the Christ for activating the dormant DNA strands and the Christ Consciousness in our divine blueprint, so we may begin experiencing abundance in the same manner as our brothers and sisters in the higher worlds. Go to MTC 3 Oct 2013 for the full program.

Audio Recording Contents

The session’s recording is organised as 10 separate MP3 tracks for your easy listening, totaling 64 min.

Track 1: Session Opening – Invocation and Healing Meditation (9min)

Track 2: Role of Lord Maitreya and Office of the Christ (7min)

Track 3: How is Universal Energy Transformed to Experiences of Abundance (7min)

Track 4: What Does Abundance Mean to You (6min)

Track 5: What Limits the Process of Materializing Abundance (5min)

Track 6: Is Attracting Abundance the Same as Experiencing Joy (5min)

Track 7: What is Optimal State of Spiritual Health to Experience Abundance (7min)

Track 8: What is Money (6min)

Track 9: Questions from Audience (4min)

Track 10: Energy Gift from Office of the Christ: DNA Activation and Expansion of Christ Consciousness (8min)

Order Instructions

  • Price for entire set of 10 tracks : Singapore Dollars 15.00
  • Email info@acast.me with subject title ‘Order MTC Recording’, indicating your name
  • A PayPal invoice will be issued; upon payment, download links will be sent to you by email.


On this New Moon, may your wisdom be abundantly expanded through the profoundly simple teachings of Lord Maitreya. Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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