A few friends have asked me this question when they first heard me speak the Language of Light (LL), especially those who have found themselves speaking similar ‘strange’ languages during their meditations or when triggered in the presence of powerful vibrations.

Lady Nada was one of my guides who helped awaken my memory of the LL. During her incarnation as an Atlantis priestess, she bestowed upon her disciples the gift of speaking of tongues. Quite naturally, I contacted Lady Nada to seek her views on this question.

Me: Does speaking of tongues work the same way as speaking the language of light ?

Lady Nada: Yes, it does. The basic principle lies in transmitting vibrational sound patterns of a frequency that is beyond the understanding of the logical brain, in order to bypass and eventually transcend the judgemental perceptions and memories of the human brain.

Me: I notice the LL we speak sound quite different from one another’s, even though we could be speaking a common working language such as English. What is the main determinant for the types of sounds produced when one is speaking the LL? 

Lady Nada: A few factors affect the types of high vibrational sounds actually produced through the vocal chord, such as the sounds the person was being entrained with prior to his remembrance of the LL, the native languages he used in his previous Earth incarnations, his age, his physique and the spirit guides he work with regularly. The strongest influence being the last factor listed.

Me: Is healing the primary application of LL?

Lady Nada: Yes, if the expression ‘healing’ is interpreted in its widest sense to mean to transcend any energy pattern beyond its current frequency level. When one remembers and speaks the LL, his energy field is being transformed to a purer channel of light, allowing the transcendental effect of these sounds to be infused not only into his brain center but also to the listeners’. With time, these LL sound patterns remembered by the brain cells and transmitted across the nervous system enables the energy field to remain vibrating at the higher frequency activated by the LL, thus bringing about an awakening of the mulit-dimensional self and the actualization of his divine gifts.

Thank you once again, Lady Nada, for your valuable teachings.

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Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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