At the 3 Oct 2013 New Moon Master Teaching Class (MTC) “Creating True Abundance’, Lord Maitreya explained the reason for barter trade being a more effective way of exchanging energy and accordingly, for attracting and circulating abundance.

Listen to Maitreya’s teaching on purpose of barter trade and role of money (5 min):

The day after the MTC, Lord Maitreya urged that I post the following supplementary teaching which I didn’t get the chance to do until today. Divine timing rules, as always.

When we engage in a barter, we have to deliberately decide on what we need to give up in exchange for the other item of supposedly equal or higher value to us. These decisions, made consciously, create imprints in our memory which enhance our appreciation and gratitude for all the things we ever possessed and have derived satisfaction from. As we exchange belongings with each other, not only is the positive emotion of gratitude being circulated, it also allows the heart to remain open to receiving and attracting more abundance to ourselves. This is the reason for humans being generally happier in the ancient days before money or other forms of media of exchange were invented. In other words, the days of barter trade had provided the opportunity for us to engage more of this extremely healing and expansive emotion called gratitude which in itself is a catalyst for experiencing joy and abundance in the physical world.

For information on the entire session recording, please go to Sale of MTC Recording.

Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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