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The Kuala Lumpur’s Goddess Dance Workshop completed over the Full Moon weekend was an extremely rewarding and humbling experience for me as the facilitator and channel. I witnessed how the participants’ eagerness and sincerity to discover, remember and be more of their Goddess potential sparked an avalanche of ancient teachings and powerful healings transmitted by the patronesses of the workshop. Together with the group, I experienced the depth, subtlety and profundity of the Divine Mother as she connected with and protected us through a sacred altar consecrated for the workshop.


First things first. That was indeed what the Goddesses had in mind when they opened the session addressing the following fundamental questions :

  • What, Where and Who is a Goddess?
  • Why do we intuitively ground higher vibrations through the Earth?

Listen to the group’s sharing and the Goddesses’ teachings:

Words of Gratitude

To all the KL participants: Your hunger for spiritual knowledge and truth to support you on the path of becoming self-love is truly humbling. I thank you for co-creating this wonderful experience of remembering and embodying the Goddess wisdom.

Thank you, Sheli, for hosting the workshop and providing such a heavenly reunion place – A NEW EARTH Holistic And Metaphysical Center – for the Goddesses and us.

Audio Recording

The recordings of key teachings from the 8 Goddesses and the accompanying energy healings and activations will be consolidated at the end of all 4 workshops, the final run to be held in Sydney on 30 November. We will try to make this audio product available by the end of the year.

Next Workshop – Hong Kong, New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 2 and 3 Nov 2013

Every workshop experience is different even though it may have the same theme and program. I would think the contents transmitted for each session are largely dependent on the expectations and the synergistic Presence of the group, the vibrations of the country and the month concerned. With the forthcoming total solar eclipse providing the extra ‘energy boost’, I am keenly looking forward to sharing an amazing learning and healing journey with the HK participants, waltzing to the rhythm of the Scorpio New Moon at our next Goddess Dance. Email Jenny of Karma Consultants to register. Details available at HK.

For Sydney workshop details 30 Nov – 1 Dec, go to Sydney.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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