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(Photo taken at Lakshminarayan Temple Singapore, September 2013)

At the KL Goddess Dance workshop, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Beauty, Lakshmi, spoke extensively about the metaphysical meaning of the human digestive system and the process of eating, in the context of maintaining the health of our solar plexus (the sun within us). She shared that by consuming food grown on planet Earth, the human body, as the vessel holding our soul light, is assured of its safety and acceptance in the physical plane – since the body is constituted by the elements of Earth. Thank you, Goddess Lakshmi for revealing the science behind our common experience of grounding higher vibrational frequencies through food.

Listen to excerpt of group discussion and Lakshmi’s teaching (3 min):

Why Share This Teaching Now

In anticipation of the hybrid solar eclipse of November 3 (also the last eclipse of 2013) bringing forth new waves of ascension energies through the Galactic Center, my guide Thoth has prompted me to release Lakshmi’s teachings to create an awareness on the simplest and possibly the most enjoyable way of grounding the new galactic light, that is through the human experience of joyful eating!

Join Us or Tune In to The Goddesses, New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Details of workshop in Hong Kong over the new moon and eclipse season available at HK.

Can’t join us in person? Simple alternative is to set your intent to connect with the group energetically.

Blessings to All, Amara Tia Ann.

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