Green Tara

We completed the first day of The Goddess Dance Workshop in Hong Kong on the eve of the Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013. One of the patronesses Green Tara gifted the group with an energy blessing for:

  • correcting distorted energy patterns of the cellular memory by reprogramming the nervous system to release these memories of physical pain and discomforts
  • purifying our energy field with the Earth’s crystal core
  • expanding our central column of light (also known as the Antakarana tube) to facilitate and enhance the body’s ability to integrate and ground the ascension energy transmitted through the solar eclipse

I am asked to share this energy gift with All.

Listen to live recording of this transmission (8 min):

Background music: ‘Young Girls’ Mantra of Joy’ from album Mantra of Joy.

May this New Moon Solar Eclipse deepens your connection with Earth and thus with your body- the vessel for bringing through all your physical experiences.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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