I remember having my first psychic reading more than a decade ago, after meeting a lady channel at a personal development seminar. I probably asked for a reading out of curiosity since I didn’t have any specific questions nor was I facing any major issues in my life back then. On the contrary, I was quite pleased with my work in the financial sector, health and family situations. During the session, I was asked to visualise my future. The psychic sketched it out as I described what I saw in my mind. She then concluded I am destined to be a planetary worker. I had no idea what she meant but was receptive to her revelation. Three years after that reading, quite mysteriously, I found myself giving readings to others! This psychic has since passed on.

On hindsight, I feel it would have been useful too if I was briefed with the channeling process at the onset of the session. To satisfy the curiosity of first-timers, I compiled the following Q&A based on the queries I received since launching Private Consultations on Skype in September 2013.


1. What is the format of these sessions? Amara Tia Ann: I begin by connecting with your spirit guides. Once clicked in to their presence, the guides usually open the session with some general messages. Thereafter you may come in with whatever question you’ll like to ask

2. Do I stay awake? Absolutely.

3. Do I show up for you to read me and advise on appropriate healing? At the scheduled time, we will come on Skype together, like having a chat. Once I begin the session formerly by invoking the guides and asking for their protection, I’ll channel and relay their messages accordingly. If you have a need for healing, you can ask about it. Otherwise we usually let the guides direct the flow and contents of the channeling. If it is essential, the guides will ask that I perform the distant healing or energy activation too. 

4.  Do I / can I  ask for the specific masters? You may. Sometimes though, different spirit guides may choose talk to you instead. Most of the time, I’ll be able to introduce them by way of their names.

5.  I have two akashic record readings and plenty of questions to clarify these readings, would this be appropriate during our session? I won’t suggest this be your priority topic. Reasons: the information came from another channel, so it would make more sense to clarify with the source; usually we have hundreds or even thousand of life times spent on Earth, so the way I am guided to interpret the same past life record may be different from another healer

6.   May I ask questions regarding my life path, soul mission and how to switch on my soul abilities? Yes indeed, these are common questions asked


Please email anntay@acast.me to book a session, indicating the preferred date and time. Each session is an hour long.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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