During a reading session with a client yesterday, Lord Maitreya transmitted a mind- reprogramming tool for altering the neural patterns in our brain, such that we may begin to see and feel ourselves as a JOYOUS expression of Spirit and thus, allowing the same vibrational quality to be projected onto the relationships around us.

Application Guidelines:

  1. Use this meditative tool whenever you judge a connection with someone as stressful, depressing, frustrating, helpless or draining and you wish to uplift your mind’s perception of the situation.
  2. Refer to the image below. Bring in the vibrations from the Light Language writings through your third eye and affirm that  “I choose to see and feel the joyous relationship I have with (name of person/group)”.
  3. When we say “I choose”, we are exercising our freewill (the Spirit in us) to command the mind to reprogram the memories of these relationships by entraining or re-sequencing them with the higher frequency of joy embedded in the LL transcriptions.

Maitreya Affirmation

May there be more joy within and thus, outside us.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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