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The final run of The Goddess Dance workshops was concluded in Sydney over last weekend. For me, it was another lovely experience bringing through the Goddesses’ teachings and energy blessings for the group of 24 enthusiastic participants. As expected, the transmissions were not quite the same as for the previous workshops but nonetheless, incredibly uplifting, inspiring and at times, even mind-boggling, such as Mary Magdalene’s extensive explanation on how the neutrality brought about by the feminine force (protons) and masculine charge (electrons) is held by the neutrons in our body cells!

Despite the diversified and thus enriching information transmitted by the Goddesses over the four workshops, the theme was consistently and convincingly being emphasized : the human body, as spiritualised matter, not only helps us to navigate our Earth lives, it is also the best vehicle for anchoring and materialising New Earth’s 5th dimensional consciousness. Listen to the summaries presented by Goddess Green Tara (3 min) and Kali (5 min) during the Sydney workshop:

Words of Appreciation

Andy and I would like to express our heart felt thanks to Katrece Quigley and her husband Roy for co-organising the Sydney event. We also thank all participants for contributing to the successful completion of The Goddess Dance series…your warm and open interaction with the Goddesses has certainly catalyzed this wonderful grand finale exerience for all!

Audio Recording 

Selected portions of the workshop recordings will be available for order later this month.  Please look out for our Email and blog announcement.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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