Prologue: Read post of 10 December 2012Unlocking the Human DNA Potential Through the Gateway 12.12.12 to appreciate the significance of the symbol ’12’.

Symbols are triggers for activating the deeper and unexplored consciousness in us. On this day of the twelve of December (12.12), I am asked by the Pleiades High Council to share an energy gift that will offer the following benefits:

(a)  Expand the meridian lines in your energy field by mapping them to the twelve meridian lines of Earth which are being activated through today’s portal-opening across the planet;

(b)  Following from (a), your body will be better prepared to receive, assimilate and process the light and sound sequences – the energy keys – embedded in this transmission for awakening your Pleiadian Self

(c) Serving as their conduits,  we facilitate the anchoring of the Pleiadian consciousness on Mother Earth in preparation for the safe arrival and landing of the ‘star babies’, many of whom will be incarnating on planet Earth for the first time, intending to experience physical life on a 5th dimensional Earth Tara.

As you listen to the energy transmission, I suggest you open your heart chakra to connect with the Central Sun of Pleiades known as Alcyone. Enjoy the sound bath from the Seven Sisters constellation !

Click to listen: 

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Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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