As we prepare ourselves to close the year on a gentle, nurturing and appreciative note, why not allow yourself this opportunity to reconnect with your angelic lineage on the final full moon of 2013 on 17th December (9:28 GMT)?

“Within the many kingdoms of God, the angelic realm is designated with the divine purpose of bridging inter-dimensional worlds. They serve as God’s messengers and intermediaries with the unique gift of upholding the inter-connectedness of all universes, galaxies and life systems. The angels are genetically coded with the 72 divine names of God corresponding to the 72 dimensions leading to the God-Head, enabling them to connect and transverse all worlds and dimensions”

– transmitted by the Elohim, November 2012

Recorded live in New York at the Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop on Summer Solstice 22.6.2013, the following guided meditation ‘Remembering the Home of the Angels’ is intended to be the bridge and the compass, leading you home to your Angelic Self. 

To listen (13min): 

Want to experience more of the Angels’ magical touch? 

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  • Check out the Audio Kit “Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshops -Awakening The Earth Angels of New Earth”. Order details available HERE

‘Adam Kadmon means First Light In Form’ – Archangel Metatron

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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