Yesterday’s Solstice Celebration in Singapore was so well supported by ACAST friends that the tremendous group energy anchored at the venue facilitated the transmission of powerful and dynamic teachings from the Archangels. We were also blessed with a soul-ful meditation connecting us to the Christ Consciousness Grid of Earth, so we may expand, radiate and share the LOVE frequency with the world on this special day honoring the first birthday of Tara.

Go to Solstice Celebration for the program.

To listen to live recording of Master Teaching Class:

Track 1. Introduction and Opening Meditation (10 min)

(background music: Nostrie Tiempo from River of the Soul Album by Marcome)

Track 2. Archangel Metatron – Christ Consciousness Grid and Ascension (12 min)

Track 3. Metatron – Q&A (3 min)

 Track 4. Archangel Michael – Divine Plan of Earth and the Galaxy (10 min)

Track 5. Michael – Q&A (6 min)

Track 6. Archanel Uriel – Purpose of Angelic Presence for Humanity (9 min)

Track 7. Uriel – Q&A (2 min)

Track 8. Meditation – Connecting with Christ Consciousness Grid (9 min)

On this Winter/Summer Solstice, supported by the Archangels as the wind beneath your angelic wings, may you be inspired to soar far and deep into the higher world of your soul wisdom.

Happy Birthday, Tara!  Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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