During this period of my R&R time, my most challenging experience was to be literally Still and Just Be. I can only attribute my restlessness to my Sagittarius Moon sign. Ha! After practising the art of doing nothing for two full months, albeit with great effort, I finally appealed to my guides to let me resume my teaching work ASAP, lest my energy field were to explode with overloaded current. The good news is they said Yes!

Special Equinox Workshop – Teachings of Thoth

So…come this Equinox, I will work with one of my dearest guides, Thoth, to deliver a new workshop which he named The HUMAN Story. The intent of this new work is to transmit peaceful, assuring and inspirational messages and vibrations to counter balance the increasingly chaotic, stressful and confusing environment currently externalised by the mass consciousness.  It will debut in Singapore, with subsequent sessions planned for some other countries. The workshop program will be released tomorrow.

Reaching Out To The World

My guides revealed the focus of my teaching work this year is to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy in bringing the latest ascension knowledge and energy keys to a wider audience to stimulate their spiritual awakening. Additionally, a common theme in this year’s transmissions will be: understanding the spiritual self with scientific eyes, as applied to the program in The HUMAN Story workshop. The guides describe this approach of disseminating and grounding higher dimensional frequencies as constructing an ascension pyramid from top down, allowing spiritual energy to cascade down to reach the four corners of Mother Earth. If my guides’ intent resonates with you and you’ll like to partner with ACAST to introduce our work to more people, Andy and I would love to hear from you. Please email your ideas to info@acast.me. 

We look forward to co-creating more learning, sharing and growth opportunities with everyone. Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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