Every moment we experience with the external world is perceived and interpreted subjectively, based on our predominant mental and feeling patterns. Quite often we unconsciously judge ourselves as we live these moments. For a child, memories of these self talk gradually become his belief system about his self worth and over time, he attracts more experiences that validate and reinforce these beliefs.

From my healing experience, it is rather common to detect the presence of a wounded child living in our subconscious mind and our subtle body, almost like a consciousness tucked away in some far away dungeon. As we go through different layers of healing, as if peeling the skin of an onion, we are bound to meet with our inner child again.

With the support of a New Moon, the intention of your meditation today could be to re-connect with and heal your inner child using the following technique:

1. Ask to connect with your higher self and be protected by your guides throughout the meditation

2. Set the intent to communicate with your inner child through your body and higher senses

3. In a lying position and with your eyes closed, breathe slowly and deeply, tuning-in to all and every part of your body

4. If you sense any tension, resistance or pain in any area, ask if the memory belongs to your inner child. For a “yes” response, use your hand to gently usher this energy to your heart. Sense the quality of the accompanying emotion. Is it grief, helplessness, loneliness, anger etc?

5. Hug yourself tightly over your shoulders, as if you are welcoming back a long lost friend. Affirm to your inner child : “I am sorry I left you there (‘there’ referring to that part of the body imprinted with the old beliefs and memories), all by yourself, feeling lonely/helpless/confused/ desperate/anger/hateful (use whichever appropriate description/s) for all these years. I promise now to take good care of you, protect you, love you and give you the attention that you deserve. Please come back to the family of selves”

6. Continue to hug yourself tightly and lovelingly until you feel the energies gathered in the heart (from step 4) transformed into a lighter vibration and fully integrated into all parts of the body and your current self.

7. Give thanks to your higher self and your guides for supporting you on this healing journey.

Some clients have reported the need to perform the meditation over a period of time before the wounded child in them was willing to release and transmute the old memories and to re-join the current self.

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I wish you a joyous reunion with your inner child. New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.