I was thrilled when Thoth revealed he’ll be sharing his wisdom on the journey of the human race, including its future possibilities, at The HUMAN Story workshop. My inquisitive self couldn’t wait to hear more, so I requested for some ‘insider’ information this morning.

Me: Dear Thoth, I am curious why you had used the expression ‘future possibilities’ instead of  ‘destiny’ which, from my channeling experience, was used more often when referring to the future of mankind?

Thoth: As mankind rises above its 3rd dimensional aspect to unfold its 5th dimensional potential, it will experience itself more as a collective quantum energy rather than matter. Through actualising its quantum nature, the new experiences created by the human consciousness will thus be filled with unlimited possibilities. The human race is evolving from living a shared destiny, that is a pre-determined course of actions, to creating joint experiences of focused intent which potentially defy predictability and past trends.

Wa! This is truly a powerful insight for appreciating our spiritual self with scientific eyes (theme of my guides’ teachings for 2014). If you are keen for more insights on how you can play a part in influencing the joint manifestations of mankind, come listen to The HUMAN Story told by Thoth on Equinox 22 March 2014, Singapore.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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