Many a time our spirit guides have taught that the key to manifestation is intention setting. Intention is all that matters, so they say. Is creation really as simple as that? I sometimes wonder, especially during times when my desires are not fulfilled even with strong intentions.

Through an earlier post on 11 March 2014, Thoth brought our attention to the creation process taught in the Emerald Tablets which also points to intention setting –

And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all pervading and IT filled the VOID. There existed no matter, only force, a movement, a vortex or vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the VOID.”

Riding on today’s lustrous lunar energy, I connected with Thoth to ask the question that has been bugging me.

Me: Dear Thoth, what is the most common limitation you observe in the way we humans apply the universal law of ‘Ask (through intention setting) and you shall be given?”

Thoth: The main limitation does not lie in the technique since the question of ‘how’ is not relevant to the quantum mind. The interference to the perfect creation of a purposeful thought is most often caused by the distorted vibrational patterns found in the morphogenetic field of the human energy body. 

Me: I see. Thanks for the quick insight, Thoth.

If Thoth’s teaching resonates with you, may I suggest you utilise the vibrancy of today’s full moon to connect with your guides and ask to further release the karmic imprints in your morphogenetic field. Alternatively, on this Saturday, join us at The HUMAN Story Equinox Workshop in Singapore to receive this energy healing from Thoth as a precursor to ‘Recode and Re-activate the 12-strand DNA blueprint gifted to the angelic human’ (see Program).

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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