I would sum up last Saturday’s workshop in Singapore as thought provoking. As a step towards expanding our awareness, Thoth raised questions to prompt the group in validating the scientific basis of our understanding of ‘simple’ spiritual concepts:

– what is consciousness?

– what does the expression ‘New Earth’ mean to the mind?

– divine purpose of Earth and the human species: which takes precedence?

– becoming a higher consciousness: a matter of choice or destiny?

Though he provided his inputs on these topics too, Thoth urged we continue to seek higher truths through self-realisation. He said, “Insights from your own knowing are the best activators of your higher potential’. What I found interesting too was Thoth’s sharing on how the human body has been designed as a conduit to inter-connect the human and universal consciousness.

I am certainly looking forward to more of his teachings at subsequent workshops.


Details for the Auckland workshops have been finalised. Visit pages Human Story Auckland and Living Your Star Light Auckland.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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