One of the most common ‘complaints’ I receive from friends these days is ‘I feel tired all the time’. Other than advising them to find the opportunities to rest and allow the body to get familiar and comfortable with its new faster pulsating rhythm, I consulted Mother Earth on what else we could be doing to ease the discomfort of the body.

In response, Mother Earth suggests that we contemplate on these questions:

  • Have I been speaking with Mother Earth through my heart lately?
  • Have I spoken words of love and appreciation to my body?
  • Have I seized the dawn of each new day to honor and celebrate my physical existence?
  • Have I allowed the Goddess within to express herself and flow through my gentleness and benevolence ?
  • Have I looked into the eyes of a stranger and see the love that’s me?

She continued assuringly, “It doesn’t matter even if you find no answer to these questions. For now, simply rest in my body and be healed”.

Sharing a prayer to re-connect you with the Ancient Mother:

Prayer to the Ancient Mother

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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