For the first time in my many years of channeling Thoth, I experienced him as a superb story teller. At the Hong Kong’s The HUMAN Story workshop, his sharing of the origin of creation; the eternal relationship between Angels, Humans and Earth; the purpose of time in the context of the human evolution; the presence of divine order in the human world of varying energy frequencies etc was most fascinating and logical at the same time. The workshop ended with a happy ending with Thoth encouraging us to utilise our quantum mind which sees unlimited possibilities towards the continual unfoldment of The HUMAN Story.

On this day of the April full moon and total lunar eclipse, may I invite you to connect with Thoth, the Egyptian Moon God of Healing, Science and Magic through the following excerpts of his teachings. Like the participants at the Hong Kong workshop, I believe you too will be impressed by his wisdom.

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  • Introducing Thoth – “Relating to Your Guides As Intelligence”
  • What is Consciousness

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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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