Prelude – Read post of 21 April 2014 ‘Connecting with the Elements Prior to Cardinal Grand Cross’ .

New Insights into the Grand Cross

Grand Cross

Other than the interpretations from established astrologers on the significance of today’s Cardinal Grand Cross, I asked my guides for their version of the higher truths this cosmic event is gifting us. After all, as multi-dimensional beings, I believe we are capable of awakening to more than one truth, depending on the level of consciousness we choose to operate at.

Under Master Kuthumi’s guidance (Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom), I decoded an important message embedded in the numerological relationships between the relevant planets and zodiac signs.

  • Planets:

Jupiter (rules Sagittarius of the 9th house) + Uranus (rules Aquarius of the 11th House) + Mars (rules Aries in the 1st House) + Pluto (rules Scorpio in the 8th House)

= 9 + 11 + 1 + 8 = 29,  2+9 = 11

11 is the Master Number of a spiritual messenger, light bringer, inspirational leader, visionary

  • Zodiac Signs:

Cancer (sits in the 4th House) + Aries (1st) + Libra (7th) + Capricorn (10th)

= 4 + 1 + 7 + 10 = 22

22 is the Master Number of a builder of dreams, creator of activities that benefit all of humanity, master organizer capable of turning dreams into inspiring realities

Truly, today’s Grand Cross cosmic alignment provides us with the energetic stimulus to become master visionaries and builders of a new reality of higher consciousness and evolution.  Are you ready and willing to be one of these masters? Then, read on…


Support from the Galactic Council and Star Nations

The number 4 and the symbol of a square both represent the Earth; they also mean to ground, anchor or materialise. By forming a square among themselves, the 4 planets and 4 cardinal signs (each representing an element of Mother Earth) are inviting us to utilize today’s cosmic alignment as a portal to bring through and ground the new galactic codes intended to activate our higher DNA potential of mankind, that is, the ‘11 and ‘22′ found in all of us.

To receive and assist in anchoring the galactic ray of gold and platinum for an accelerated expansion of the human consciousness:

  • Perform the Grounding Meditation and Additional Procedures on 23 April outlined in the post of 21 April.
  • Listen to the following light language transmission from the Galactic Council and its participating star nations:

You are a brilliant star of the cosmic sky, stopping by Earth to create and experience an extraordinary journey for yourself and humanity. Shine your Grand-eur through your magnificient Cross-ing ! Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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