Personality Rays

On the Spiritual Hierarchy, there is a group of Ascended Masters responsible for the dispensation of the Seven Rays upon mankind. These Rays are vibrational patterns of supremely high frequency assisting us to develop and cultivate specific virtues. Each time we reincarnate on Earth, the soul essence we bring with us will be calibrated with one (or two) of these 7 Rays which then become our Personality Ray(s), embedded with the divine qualities we have chosen to master in our present life time. For example, I believe I am of the 2nd Ray, the Ray of love and wisdom. This is also the Ray initiating and preparing Lightworkers to be spiritual teachers. So naturally, I feel particularly drawn to the Lords or Chohans responsible for this ‘department’ such as Master Kuthumi, Lord Lanto (‘Lao Tzi’), Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and others.

As we learn to align our energy bodies with and gradually externalize the energetic properties of our Personality Ray, we begin to derive tremendous joy and fulfillment in what we do. Quite effortlessly, we then find ourselves on the path of selfless service.

[Suggested reading on the Science of Rays: channeled materials from David Joshua Stone.]

A Wesak Gift From The Ray Masters

I am thrilled to share that in addition to the program previously announced for the forthcoming Wesak Festival Meditation, the Chohans of the Seven Rays will be initiating the participants to their respective Rays to reinforce and enhance their intuitive connection with these Masters and the qualities they embrace.

Ray Masters:

1st Ray – El Morya

2nd Ray – Lord Lanto, Kuthumi

3rd Ray – Serapis Bay

4th Ray – Paul the Venetian

5th Ray – Hilarion

6th Ray – Lord Sananda, Lady Nada

7th Ray – Saint Germain

Be An Anchor for the Wesak Golden Light! Join In the Celebration.

For event registration, please email Andy at

If you are not attending in person, we welcome you to connect with the group between 7:30pm to 9:00pm (Singapore Time) on 14th May 2014 to receive the golden blessings of Enlightenment from Lord Buddha as well as the special initiation from the Ray Masters.

Session Recording

Subject to acceptable quality, the audio recording of the session will be available for purchase after the event. Look out for our blog announcement.

With Loving Kindness, Amara Tia Ann.

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