During a reading session with a client yesterday, she asked the purpose of knowing our Personality Ray and connecting with the Ray Masters. I thought that was a very valid question, so I sought the advice of Master Kuthumi of the Second Ray of love, wisdom and spiritual teaching.

The Soul Ray of a human incarnate remains the same across his Earth incarnations whereas he may choose to carry a different Personality Ray in each incarnation to expand the overall experiences and wisdom of his Soul family. As the name suggests, the Person-ality Ray is expressed through the main characteristics, attributes, thinking and behavioural tendencies of the person, forming his ego aspects.

All human incarnates have a common goal which is to transcend negative ego to attain enlightenment of the mind. Negative ego stems from a mind operating with fear or separation consciousness whereas an enlightened mind sees all external realities as a reflection of the one and the only consciousness which created all realms and worlds – universal love. Enlightenment of the mind leads to the knowing that all phenomenon experienced outside the body are for the purpose of reconnecting oneself to his inner light and such is the ultimate experience of Self Love.

The divine qualities and virtues embedded within each Personality Ray are the pathways to an ego-less or love-filled Mind. As you are overshadowed by your Ray Master, your consciousness through your mental body can be recalibrated more efficiently for you to display and master the vibrational frequencies of the Ray qualities as a gateway to realising Self Love.   

I am Kumuthi.


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May you be lovingly ensouled and guided by the Office of the Seven Rays. Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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