As we usher in the New Moon in Germini (28 May, GMT 18:40), I thought it would be extremely apt to share a brief introduction of the Arcturius system channeled during a recent workshop in Sydney ‘Living Your Star Light’. The zodiac sign Gemini is of the air element corresponding to the human intellect or thinking capability. Connecting with the Arcturians – who described their primary quality as of the infinite mind –on this New Moon will certainly assist us in further awakening our higher or quantum mind.

The respective roles and expertise of the Pleiadians (4th Dimensional Consciousness), Sirians (5D/6D) and Arcturians (7D) were also shared by the Arcturian High Council in the following recording (6 min). The Light Language messages were transmitted with high frequency and at a fast speed. I suggest you listen to the recording twice and focus on bringing through the Light Language vibrational sounds into your third eye during the second listening.

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May you experience a wonderful expansion of the Mind on this New Moon! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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