At the beginning of the year, my guides revealed their teachings for 2014 will focus on helping us appreciate and embrace our spirituality through the understanding of science. This theme will surface again at the forthcoming numerology workshop hosted by Ascended Master Kuthumi. As we delve deeper into our spiritual self through the lenses of metaphysics, such as numerology, we are being guided to balance the yin (intuitive feeling) and yang (logical thinking) aspects of ourselves. Harmonising the duality in us is, in my view, the most efficient way to anchor and materialize Unity Consciousness on Earth. As Within, So Without. 

As I studied the workshop program provided by Master Kuthumi, I felt an urge to raise a key question.

Me:   Dear Master Kuthumi, what is the main difference between the coming numerology workshop  ‘Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns‘ compared to the one sponsored by Thoth in 2013, “Be The Joyous Expression Of Your Soul”?

Master K  : In numerology, the universal vibration for the year 2014 is ‘7’. This is the vibrational theme affecting all beings on planet Earth. The symbol ‘7’ holds the key to unlocking the spiritual wisdom of your soul; it is about revealing the secrets of the subconscious mind such that the magic conceived by the subconscious can be readily out-pictured as a reality by the conscious or logical mind; hence ‘7’ represents both the scientist and the mystic. To fully become this year’s planetary vibration of be one with science and magic, it is crucial to identify and neutralise the sabotaging beliefs buried in the subconscious mind. The number frequencies embedded in one’s date of birth is the clue to uncovering and mitigating such limitations in thinking and creation.

Me:   I see. Hence your earlier message of “In this age of the Aquarian mind, all creations are possible if you become aware of the impediments in your subconscious memory and also choose to re-pattern these vibrations into a positive creative force. Numbers are the sacred doorways to acquiring and anchoring this awareness in your mind”. Thank you for sharing such great wisdom.

Workshop Logistics 

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Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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